Next Level Bass Fishing

By Gradie Beaulieu

Date: 20 December 2014 


Cold Weather Bites

     Contrary to how the name sounds, fishing in the cold New England weather doesn't always bite.  In fact, yesterday, on Sawdy Pond in Mass, we laid the smack down on at least 30 large mouths in just about 3 hours.

     We traveled to one other pond up north, but quickly realized that we couldn't launch the boat because the water had been drawn down too low.  An hour later, we launched the boat into Sawdy Pond.  Previously, in December Limits, I mentioned that Sawdy was responsible for quite the number of boat problems.  This time was no different.  No less than 2 minutes from the ramp, and not even into the pond yet, we bent the trolling motor shaft - BAD.  Awesome, way to start.


     However, once out on the pond, and with a little searching, we quickly found a drift line that put fish after fish into the boat. The air temps were in the mid to low 30's and it was overcast with a breeze out of the NW at 8-12 kts, +/- a few for gusts.  Water temps had dipped into 30's as well.  Our weapon of choice: Jigs.  It didn't matter what type of jig, we just had to ensure that we had an open hook, as the bite was more like a gulp and lay rather than a bite and run. No worries. Once we found them in 6-8 feet with some grass, peat and repeat ensued.

     When all was said and done, 5 fish came into the boat over two pounds. I missed a big one over 4 or so, but made it up with a nice 3+ (pictured to the right). Leo finished with 9.10 lbs and I finished with 10.9 lbs.  Not bad for three hours on the boat.  Does anyone know of a good Minn Kota dealer?