Next Level Bass Fishing

Last Meeting Date:  08 December 2017

​Meeting Time:   7:30PM

Location: 425 Sowams Rd, Barrington

Major Topics to Discussed:

Club Membership:  Everyone paid dues and TBFRI dues were turned into the TBFRI board on the 13th of December at JS's house. In total NLBF has 7 members paid in total for 2018. NLBF welcomes Scott Olsen to the club. Thanks for joining Scott.  

Open Locations for 2018 are set:  NLBF is hosting a trail inside of the OPEN schedule for 2018.


Payouts for the 2018 season: Opens will be 80% of the entry fees, 10% will go to the NLBF Club AOY for a major tournament, and 10% will go to the NLBF AOY champion. 

Club Locations for 2018: All permits for NLBF Club events are still pending,  all events for the club are in RI.  Permit request are still with Alan Libby from RIDEM;

~Guests are reminded to make notification for event partisapation prior to showing for the event.  

~Normally, all club events are less than $20 per event, it's just for a good time  

~Guests will not get points for Club AOY. 

~The club voted to have club events on both Saturday's and Sunday's to ensure that everyone gets an opportunity to fish during the year. 

​~TBFRI Dues: Everyone is paid in full

​~NLBF Dues: No one has paid NLBF dues at this time. 

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