Balasco with his 4.5 lb. lunker at Roger WIlliams Park.  RI BASS hosted the annual event and it always draws a great group of anglers, this year was not exception.  

"I thought that I was hung on the coontail.  I started reeling it in and looked into the water and saw nothing but mouth."

Scott Balasco discussing his lunker being caught at Roger Williams Park Open hosted by RI BASS on 24 May 2015

Go All In

By Gradie Beaulieu

Sunday at Roger Williams Park

     A week ago, Scott and then partner Joe Post, placed a very respectable 2nd with nearly 13 lbs at Whitehall Reservoir in Massachusetts.  This week, however, the team of B&B, i.e. Father and Son Balasco (aka Scott and Marc), came out one place better at Roger Williams Park with a 14.59 lb. bag.  I can tell you that Roger Williams Park can be a feast or famine event.  Personally, my brother and I have taken 2nd with just 4.92 lbs, and the winner had 16 and some change, maybe 18, either way, it was bad. 

     Sunday, was not that type of day.  Multiple teams crossed the scale with more than 10 lbs, but Scott and Marc were nearly at 12lbs by 9:30am and they quickly found that their approach to the day was spot on.  However, by 10am, the bite had all but disappeared as the sun heated the water up creating the typical Roger Williams Lock-Jaw Syndrome.  By 11am it seemed that If you hadn’t gotten them yet, your day wasn’t going to finish well.  The bite didn’t pick up again until nearly then end of the event, which by chance is when Scott landed the lunker of the tournament, a 4.5 lb toad caught within a few casts of the ramp at nearly 2:50pm.  What does Ike say? NEVER GIVE UP!

      Father and son were relatively forthright with their approach during the day.  Alternating between a baby brush-hog on a 1/4oz jig-head, and a wacky rigged stick bait. The Balascos focused on flipping into the holes of coon-tail and other debris.  Other than location, Scott said, “As long as it was black and blue, you were good.”  Of course fishing 100% clean and not missing a fish during the entire day helped too as a smile crossed his face.

~Till next week.


         Go all in!  That's what Scott Balasco said to me a few years ago when I was going through some serious life changing events.  “Get a boat and do it! You only go around once.”  So, that’s what I did. I got a Ranger.  Now of course, I had to still deploy as an active duty member of the United States Navy, so my "all in" wasn’t quite what Scott was talking about; I was still on the preverbal “hook” to Uncle Sam.

      Now, with that being said, back then Scott was fishing the trails with his Triton TR-20.  To say that he wasn’t afraid of finding the rocks with it, is in my opinion, a reasonable statement.  However, to Scott’s chagrin, when on these rocks or maybe going near them, he managed to blow through a prop or two. Most everyone who knows Scott, knows that much.  In fact this year the count is already at 1. (Those are other stories---Focus)  So, fast forward 8 years and where are we?

     Well, Scott went all in.  That’s where we are.  Last year, Scott doubled down and went all in with a new 198 XP Phoenix pushed by an equally awesome 225 Pro XS Mercury.  Scott, in other words, put his money where his reels are, and is currently reaping the benefits of doing so.  

     Scott Balasco, one of Next Level Bass Fishing’s best anglers, long time TBF member and eight time TBFRI State Team member is having a year to remember, and for that matter, to brag about.  Scott has had five events in which he finished in the money.  You heard me, five times in the money, and it’s not quite June. So, when you and I leave the ramp with our head down, there’s Scott; hand out and taking our entries, as he continues to have one of his best years. With two wins and three 2nd places in the same amount of weeks, I would say Scott is having one hell of a year.

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