Next Level Bass Fishing

Tournament Talk - October

By: Gradie Beaulieu

Oh, right out there in 4 to 15 ft.  near the grass, on a break.

     Now for anyone with in the bass fishing world, 4-15 feet of water covers almost ALL of the water that we fish, +/- those drop shotting guys out there in 25ft.  Their response goes something like this..

Oh out there on those humps tight to 25 ft.  

(????...I don't know of any humps...what??? The lake only has 15 ft of water in it.) Jack ass. 

A Jig

A Senko

Top Water...

A Black and Blue 3/8oz brush jig, with a super-chunck skirt, in root beer and pepper flake, tight to the bushes with the white flowers, nothing else, just the flowers, if you were fishing any where else, you were wrong....


On a 6 inch Senko, Texas rigged and a pegged 1/16 tungsten bullet sinker 18 inches up fished directly in the stumps in the back cove..Man they were wacken the blue with red and black medium flake.


On that new KVD 6 inch sexy dawg in pumpkinseed.  I was out on the grass flats around 9 feet of water. If you had too much wind it wouldn't get their attention, but, just the right amount of wind--you know 2 - 5 kts ..and lights out baby. 

"Oh, stay buttoned up....Ohhh.. don't come off....Dadgumit, Dude, that was a nickel all day long.  Un...believable!"  

~~"Look dude, I was coming around this dock and skipped a jig under it. I looked back to Jimmy - he's swearing about a backlash and my rod almost got ripped outta of my hands. Bam, I cracked her and this nickel came flyin out. She got wicked wrapped in some brush next to the dock and if she would have stayed buttond up, that nickel would have been a $1,000 dolla fish. It was like the third nickel I missed guy."

OCT 24th

So I was sitting here thinking of this upcoming tournament on Long Pond in Harwich and it occurred to me that almost every time I ask someone how they did, I get just a few responses...Regardless of who, how or how often I asked. The questions I ask are on the left and the answers are on the right.

Where did you get um?

What did you get um on?

What we really wanted to hear.

OCT 07

~~In today's vocab test we look at two words that any angler worth is weight in used plastics has heard during a weigh-in. Envision "that guy," we will call him Ricky.  Ricky is the guy who always had them at some point in the day, but in the end manages a Johnson's Pond 4.93 lbs. for five fish... 

Buttoned:  Many anglers and some more than others use this term during wicked catches or losses. Here is the vernacular use:

Nickel: Oh the elusive New England Nickel: Tarnished brown or green, mean as a hornet and the cause for countless nightmares. Anglers regularly discuss how a "nickel" cost them a $1,000. Here is the vernacular use: