The, author, Mike Capaldi and Co Angler Greg McGrath, nearly lap the NE BASS field with 21.09 pounds of Smallmouth, anchored by Greg McGrath's two 5 pound smallies. 

      Over the years I have fallen in love with fishing on Mashpee-Wakeby pond during fall. Right up until the water freezes and I can't launch my Bass Cat, it's the spot.
Generally speaking once the water dips below 60 degrees, I approach Mashpee-Wakeby totally different then any other time of year. Rather then “spot fish”, I like to get on a break line from 3 to 15 feet and put the trolling motor on high and start chucking and winding reaction baits.

     For those of us that enjoy the period when the summer sun gives way to the Autumn wind, when the summer water temperature cools and the bass put on the feed bags, the gin clear water found on the cape offers a nearly unbeatable opportunity for giant small mouth.  Angler and author Mike Capaldi gives a look into his proven cold water techniques in this edition of COLD WATER BITES.~Gradie Beaulieu 

November 2015, Mike Capaldi and Greg McGrath bring an inpressive 18 pounds to the scale during the end of year, Next Level Bass Fishing Open.  A late afternoon monster bite (fish on the right), which, by the way, the entire field heard Mike scream about, echoed across the lake, anchored the 2nd place finish.

Mashpee is not the type of pond you can sit still on.





I find the smallmouth will get very shallow and wait for the herring and alewife to come to them.  Keep In mind this technique takes time and you do go long periods of time with out a sniff. 

​​​​"I look for WIND!"

     While most guys are hunkered down out of the wind, I look for where ever the wind is hitting the bank the hardest. Ideally, 15-30 mph winds produce the best action. I look for points and drop-offs along the bank that have access to deep water.  I have caught monster smallmouth and largemouth in 3ft of water down until the water hits 40 degrees.  While most anglers are slowing down, I’m speeding up. I have no problem waking a spinnerbait in 45 degree water, it draws explosive strikes! I also like to use squarebill crankbaits, rattletraps, spinnerbaits and bladed jigs, while using an aggressive retrieve.

Cold Water Bites

Winding in the Wind 

By Mike Capoldi


Next Level Bass Fishing

     During the NE BASS Open on the 4th of November 2017, Greg McGrath and I weighed in an impressive 21.09 pounds for 5 fish, with 2 of those smallmouth over 5lbs.  The first hour of the event we had no bites.  Then we got in the wind, and within 30 minutes, Greg and I both stuck a good smallie and had 3 others between 1.5 to 2.5 pounds for a total of about 13lbs.  Then it went quite and we had nothing for 2 hours. 

     I knew from past experience to stay in the wind and keep on chucking. Greg caught our next fish which was a solid 4+. Finally, with 20 minutes left in the day we were coming up on a wind blown point that extends way out into the lake.  As we came out into deeper water, I saw several large arches on my Lowrance HDS 9. We backed off the area and started fishing that 16-40ft drop off with bottom baits in the 3/4oz weight.

That’s when the magic happened

     As Greg’s bait came down the slope, I watched his rod load up.  That fish didn't jump, however, as she came to the net, I looked at Greg and told him "Congrats bro, you got a 5+ smallie, now don’t lose it!!"  In the net she went and after a quick celebratory cull, I told Greg “I think we just won” we still had a few more minutes to go.

     I repositioned the boat on that drop off and no sooner did Greg's bait hit the bottom, Greg said “I’m on...and it’s another toad!" This one, unlike the first one, jumped, and I immediately put my rod down and grabbed the net.  After a couple tense minutes we were looking at another 5+ smallmouth... only this one was bigger then the last. I guessed it was closer to 6... that fish culled out 3 pound fish and it was over...

It was truly an amazing day! ~Mike Capaldi